From - customer portal, to dispatch management, to bulk invoicing, to online payments, to driver settlements, tracking, AI routing and more...

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all of your delivery business needs!

Customer Portal

Your customers would use the portal to enter new orders that is displayed instantly on your dispatcher’s monitor, instead of them calling you.

Mobile Apps

Your drivers mobile apps update the back office with navigation information for tracking delivery events, as well as final proof of delivery.


Efficient dispatcher / driver communication is achieved when the mobile app auto updates the back office and through the use of your built-in instant text module.

Dispatcher Station

Your dispatcher station manages and controls the critical delivery process, while accurately scheduling and tracking the movements of valuable packages.

On-time Delivery

Equipped with driver tracking and Service Level Monitors gives an advantage to choose the closest driver to navigate around heavy tragic areas to arrive on-time.


Ability to produce accurate and transparent invoicing for all orders completed during the period, along with explanations of associated charges will eliminate discrepancies.

… AI features …  and lots more …

Delivery Management Solution

 Automate your delivery process with Qualikom software management solution. From customer portal, to initial order entry, to delivery, to fully automated dispatch. Equip your team/s with tracking and optimizing in real-time as new events occur, while completing your deliveries on-time.


With Qualikloud, Same Day Deliveries has never been so easy!


Dispatcher station facilitates dispatchers for all their needs to handle deliveries and customer service.


Qualikloud offers easy-to-use brand-able all-in-one management console.


Qualikloud enables you to set auto dispatch function, where it can dispatch to suitable courier without human interaction.

(a) New order arrives
(b) The system decides based on the different criteria
(c) Auto dispatched to appropriate driver
(d) Driver accepts and proceeds to pickup and deliver
If driver declines, order returns to a live dispatcher
If other issues exist such as address or pricing, order returns to live dispatcher
(g) Order is re-dispatched and completed
(h) Customer is notified


Artificial Intelligence based routing generates most optimized route for your batch of deliveries considering your delivery points. Save time, fuel and expenses. Deliver more in less time.


Qualikloud comes with multiple mobile apps integrated, to help real-time delivery updates, communication and more.

Real-time Communication

Qualikloud ensures real-time communication.

Warehouse Sorting

Qualikloud offers efficient and error-free warehouse sorting solution (Next Day Delivery).

Responsive across devices

Customer portal is fully compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


Lets boost your delivery business and make it hassle free. It’s easy to get started.
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QualikloudTM is a solution by Qualikom Canada Inc.

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