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Qualikom has been providing custom delivery and management software to courier/logistics companies since 1997.

All delivery companies need proper tools to manage orders, track packages, invoice their customers and several other features that would make their day to day job run smoothly. The biggest problem in the industry is when you don’t have software that works your operation. Many people ask for an off the shelf software which means that they are willing to work with the software, and not the other way around as mentioned above. Off the shelf software always end up being costly to delivery companies and also to the shipper themselves.

Another big requirement that is required, is the high level of security and reliability that is necessary to satisfy missions critical customer, is most of the times not available in off the shelf packages. Qualikom knows this too well!

As the leader in Custom Delivery and Management Software, we are the first to ensure your critical customer data is hosted in our cloud facility that meets your country’s requirements. So, for example,  if you are located in Canada, then we host your server here in Canada. If you are in Australia, then we host your server there. We make sure our customers are protected regardless of their geographical location, our cloud network is global. This is one of the reasons many of the competitors don’t match up to what delivery companies are supposed to have.

Qualikom Custom Delivery and Management Software, is preferred by customers in Canada and USA.

We want to speak with innovative business owners who want to improve their operations because we provide the most practical concepts for resolving operational issues that cost you money.


There is a software to be installed and maintained on your computer, all you need is your favorite browser and a decent internet connection.

Secure Software is backed by the most advanced cloud data centers, located in over 24 regions around the world. This superior network offers the most technologically advanced reliable service and excellent technical support. Our software is compatible with all android consumer devices, so you don’t need specialized phones. It is easy to keep your costs low!
Dispatchers and drivers work, hand in hand, from a central database, using a range of devices, that position your business as highly innovative among your competitors.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
The low cost of ownership allows customers to start saving right away. Our user-friendly interfaces have a short learning curve and we dispatch125provide unique customization to ensure your software works with you and not you working with the software. Your software must deliver enhanced functionality for managing all processes during deliveries.

Everything happens in real-time with direct synchronization between the central server and all your devices. Your solution would provide a high-level dispatch management solution that is suitable for use in a wide variety of other delivery companies. map125

How can I get started with Qualikom?
Send us your signup request by email to

Send us an email and we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements. Once we have your commitment and the necessary details, we can proceed from this point.



  • HIGHEST SECURITY  – Your server comes with FREE 2048 Bit SSL encryption. (Same as the banks)
  • MANAGED DEDICATED SERVER – You get a dedicated solution (Not a shared application as with the competition).
  • SCALE-ABILITY – Your system is 100% saleable (Scales from a single server to having multiple networked servers for different regions, states or for countries, as your business grow).
  • QUICK ORDER FORMS – Single and Multi-Order entry facilities with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • ONLINE TRACKING – Special order screen for your CSR’s (Customer Service Representatives).
  • DYNAMIC ROUTING – Dispatching driver orders (You can select any number of orders, reshuffle the sequence for delivery before dispatching to your drivers).
  • HYBRID CENTRAL DATABASE – AKA CDB. Produces required addresses from a local database or from google to speeds up order entry and data accuracy.
  • DRIVER REAL-TIME TRACKING – See drivers location in real-time, before deciding to send the next critical order for pickup
  • COMMUNICATION – Instant text communication with drivers via our builtin text engine.
  • RETENTION  OF COMMUNICATION – Retain communication for a predetermined length of time.
  • DETAILED INVOICES – Select period and generate detailed invoices.
  • PREPAID ACCOUNTS – Customer invoices get paid automatically from their balance
  • QUICKBOOKS ONLINE – Real-time Synchronization. (This will save you time)
  • INVOICE PAYMENTS – Manage and track invoice payments with ease.
  • PAY YOUR DRIVERS – Driver settlement with one click.
  • TRACKING ORDERS – Customers track orders online with unique order ID.
  • REPORTS – Customized reporting. (We can build your customized reports to suit).
  • EMAIL INVOICES & SAVE – Automatically email invoices to your clients.
  • DISPATCHING – Dispatcher productivity – by auto dispatching orders to drivers.
  • WAREHOUSE  SORTING – Sort shipments by destination or by postal codes.
  • SCANNING – Scan -in all shipments at the warehouse.
  • DRIVER SCANNING –  scan shipments IN / OUT
  • TAXES BY PROVINCE. (Using all taxes in Canada).
  • Further customization is done on a company by company basis.
Qualikom Canada Inc. is 100% Canadian Owned and Operated.

Always Happy To Serve! (Since 1997)