WP Security

An overall site protection covering all the aspects of the website.

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  • Securing a website is essential for every web owner, so is securing your web database, files and plugins. These days,  hackers have taken hacking and cracking, to show their expert tactics and to prove their smartness. However, we know it only proves their attention seeking attitudes.

    Anyway, these threats are everywhere. Hackers can access your information, web data and your client’s information as well. This can scar your reputation forever in the business world. However, our security services is your one step decision to become free from this threat. Our WordPress security services are tailored to monitor, analyze and secure your website. We also alert and respond to any future assumptions of risks,  threats and take immediate actions to keep you on the safe side.

    What about other threats?

    Our team works in shifts so that your website is monitored 24/7. We keep an eagle eye on potential threats, spam, malwares, viruses or hacks.

    How do we do that?

    For starters, we install security systems that cover every aspect of your aspect. This includes a firewall installation that will restrict any malware from entering, a malware removal program, database security, backup scheduling and much more.

    We also backup your data so that in case of unforeseen circumstances, you can easily access your data and get it restored without any loss.

    WordPress security is something that all websites must have. Any threat, hack or crack in the website can pose dangerous results and hence, we keep our fences strong and tall against all odds.

    Website Security Services

    An overall site protection covering all the aspects of the website so that your business is very well protected under all circumstances.

    Database Security

    Your database is the most important part of your website and it is vulnerable to threats too. Our database security system protects your information as well as your clients’ information.

    Malware Removal

    Our malware removal system is highly effective in malware detection, prevention and smashing the malwares from the roots.

    Firewall Integration

    A firewall integration will create a shield / protection, removing any threats from the outside and alerting the team of any breach.