Dynamic Development

Your website in your control!


Websites taken to a whole new level…

Dynamic development is the next level of HTML/CSS that has come as a new-age advance in web programming, providing server-side web development.

There are simpler websites that use static development such as a portfolio profile and a biography website. While the new-age websites that require transactions, data usage and synchronizing the codes to work uniformly need dynamic development.

Why go dynamic?

Because dynamic website/application gives you control and you can personalize it as you like.

The website game is changing. Static-page based sites are now being replaced with dynamic desktop style web applications.

Qualikom knows its dynamic game plan…

Our team understands that dynamic websites require heavy use of JavaScript and AJAX. But their game plan is to make sites that do not lag or mess up because there is so much going on it.

We make widgets that harmonize with the combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML making the shift from static to dynamic a flawless experience to the users. It helps improve responsiveness and usability for the users of the web.

We are professionally trained to:

    • Object Oriented PHP using the expressive MVC framework, Laravel;
      • Server set up and management;
      • Dependency management, testing, and other modern web development practices.